Mobile Compactor
Spanco Mobile Compactors are designed for use in places where there are limitations on available space. Our range of high quality mobile racks have aisles only on one side. These high storage capacity racks that we manufacture and supply are available in two types:

Manual (Push & Pull type)

Mechanically operated (chain driven) system.

The choice depends on the requirements and space constraints. Our rail mounted racks are suitable for all kinds of storage requirements.

Mobile Compactors are being used in:






Public & Private Sectors.


Automobile Industries.



Spanco Mobile Compactors creates space within space, saves 85% space. It consumes lesser space and increase capacity, prevents your file & goods from dust & insects. Spanco Mobile Compactors is strong & easy to operate, store maximum files in minimum space. Keep your important document & valuable in lock & key. Entire system can be locked into position with one locking operation.

Available In both manual & mechanical system.

Heavy duty grade 1 Iron casted wheels with anti-rust zinc/nickle coating.

Drive system designed for mechanical advantage to minimize “torque” required for movement.

Our mechanical wheel type mobile storage unit is designed by using different gear to move the cabinet by gently turning the hand wheel.

The design is to minimize power to move a huge object smoothly and quieter.

User friendly PU steering wheel handle.

Specially designed track and wheel arrangement for smooth and easy operation.

Rubber beading can be provided to protect contents from dust and moisture at additional cost.

Anti-tilting mechanism provided for safety on single faced mobile unit.

Special Index pocket provided on each day to know the contents of each rack.

Provision of manual locking of Individual units when in use, ensures safety.

Centralized locking arrangement is provided on the last movable unit and gets lock when all the units are brought together.